3 Months of FREE admission and FREE lifetime maintenance on all paintball markers.

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Combat Zone sports

Acres of Adrenaline Pumping Action


We offer the best paintball experience in the area.  Fully stocked store that is open 7 days a week and knowledgeable staff!


As Airsoft grows we want to keep everyone safe!  Please click the link to be taken to the airsoft rules section.

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About Us


Welcome to Combat Zone Sports!

Combat Zone Sports has been in business since June 2003 as a paintball and airsoft facility.  We have the best stocked pro-shop in all of central Florida and a knowledgeable staff that can help you get in to the sport of your choice.

We offer 3 month of FREE admission to our park and FREE lifetime maintenance on all Paintball markers bought from us.  We run specials and offers on Airsoft guns as well.


Who plays these sports?

We have players from all walks of life from the beginner to the advanced and are user friendly to new players with coaching and helpful suggestions to make your games better.  About 50% of all players here are "NEWBIES" that have never played before and we want to make it a great day for them.

Worried you will be out gunned?  Don't worry because the Ref's at Combat Zone Sports are always looking out for the new player and will team you up with more experienced players and balance the fields.


3 Outdoor Fields & 1 Indoor Airsoft field

We have fields for every kind of player and we want to be your home fields and store.  Our store is open 7 days a week and is fully stocked.

Paintball Fields are open for play Sat & Sun from 10am until 5pm. Indoor Airsoft is 7 days a week.


Player Waiver CLICK HERE (pdf)


Up coming Events

AIRSOFT "NooB" day is being planed for our park and details will be released soon!

No upcoming events.

Menu / Price List

all prices are before tax

Menu / Price List

Note: All prices are before taxes.

Group Information & Service Discounts


Paintball Group Rate

We have the PARTY 10 PACK Deal where you can have 10 players, all of the rental gear , 2 cases of paintballs and unlimited air for all 10 players for only $249.99  (plus tax)

For parties of 10 or more please call the store and book a date and time for your party to arrive.  This will ensure the best possible experience for your party.

Airsoft Group Rates

On Saturday or Sunday if you come out as a group of 10 players for airsoft you can SAVE $5 off regular admission price.

Come out Monday - Friday with a group of 5 players and we will also take $5 off the admission price.

Regular Admission: $15

Current Deals

Purchase any Paintball Marker from us and get 3 months of FREE admission to the park and FREE lifetime Maintenance on your gun.  we will strip it, clean it, lube it and provide O-rings for life when bought from us.

Minimum Age to Play

All players for paintball and airsoft must be 8 years or older to play.


With proof of profession we offer a 20% off admission discount to honor your service.  Please present at time of check-in.

Note: Can not be used with already discounted packages

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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

1. Q: What is the minimum age for paintball and airsoft?  

   A: Is 8 years and older.

2. Q:  Are the paintball fields open during the weekdays?  

     A: No, We have never had enough players during the week to make the payroll needed for week day play.

3.  Q:  Do you have airsoft play at the park?

      A: YES!  2 of our outdoor fields and our new multi level indoor arena area for airsoft play.

4. Q: Do you have rentals for both Paintball and Airsoft?

     A: YES!  We have rentals for both and the prices are listed on this website in the price section.

5. Q: Do you require full face protection?

      A:  Yes!  Full face is required for paintball and airsoft on all fields of play.

6. Q: Are barrel bag required for all paintball and airsoft gun?  

    A:  Yes!  Our insurance mandates that authorized barrel blocking devices be used at all times.  

We sell them in our shop for only $6.99

7. Q: Can I fill a waiver out online?

     A:  Not at this time but you can download one from this site, print it out at home and bring it with you when you come to play.

8. Q: Do kids and adults play on the same field?

     A: Yes because this is not an actual physical contact sport so size and age doesn't matter when shooting a projectile across a distance.  Little players have the advantage because they are had to see. lol

9. Q:  What is the FPS limit?

     A:  275 fps for paintball and 400 fps for Airsoft.

10: Do you offer military. LEO and EMS discounts on admission?

     A:  Yes!  We offer 20% off general admission for play with proof of profession.


Weekday play

Are the paintball fields open during the week?

Due to the nature of Paintball  being slow Mon-Fri our fields are not open during the week.  We can book private groups during the week on Tuesdays or Fridays  with a party of 20 or larger.

You can call us and book one of those days if that is something would like to do.  A deposit of $100.00 is needed no less than 7 days in advance and is fully refundable as long as all 20 players show up.  If the group is less than 20 the house will keep the deposit to off set the increased payroll for the employees needed to run the event.

If you are interested please give us a call and a  sales associate will check the calendar for your preferred date.


Our multi-level indoor airsoft arena is open for play 7 days a week and we have rentals available.  Scroll up to pricing for more information. 



Player Waiver CLICK HERE (pdf)


Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Combat Zone Sports

555 Fortenberry Rd., Merritt Island, FL 32952, US

(321) 454-2374



12:00 pm – 6:00 pm


12:00 pm – 7:00 pm


12:00 pm – 7:00 pm


12:00 pm – 7:00 pm


12:00 pm – 7:00 pm


10:00 am – 7:00 pm


10:00 am – 7:00 pm

The Paintball fields are ONLY open for play on Saturday & Sundays from 10am until 5pm for play with the last game starting at 4:30pm

Airsoft games can be played in the INDOOR CQB ARENA 7 days a week!


Player Waiver CLICK HERE (pdf)



Additional Information

CZ Official Rules

1. Barrel bag must be on, mag out, and gun on safe when not on the field.
2. No homemade barrel bags allowed. Only rated barrel bags that can stop BBs are allowed that have elastic retention. Pistols are considered safe when in a holster.
3. No dry firing in the staging area.
4. Keep your eye protection on at all times when on the field. Full seal Ansi z87.1 eye pro is required and a hard protector must be present to cover your mouth.
5. BLIND MAN is when a player's eye protection can no longer effectively protect them.
6. BROKEN ARROW is when a player is seriously injured on the field.
7. Always call your hits.

1. Standard rifles can shoot up to 1.49 Joules and have a 10 foot minimum engagement distance.

2. DMRs can shoot up too 1.88 Joules, be locked to semi only, and have a 25 foot minimum engagement distance.
3. LMGs can shoot up to 1.68 Joules, be locked to full auto at a maximum of 30 RPS, and have a 25 foot minimum engagement distance. 

4. Bolt action snipers can shoot up to 2.81 Joules and have a 50 foot minimum engagement distance.

5. Pistols can shoot up to 1.49 FPS and have a 10 foot minimum engagement distance.
6. Melee weapons can be used as long as they are made of soft foam or rubber and inspected by a referee prior to the game.
7. Sound only grenades have a range of 15 feet, if the grenade deploys BBs or another projectile then being hit by the projectile at any range will result in being eliminated.
8. Grenade launcher foam grenades have a range of 25 feet.
9. All grenades and launchers need to be inspected by a referee before using them on the field. 


1. All weapons can shoot up to 1.49 Joules and have no engagement distance. BANG BANG is a courtesy and does not have to be accepted.

2. Weapons can only be shot at semi auto at all times. This means one BB per trigger pull. NO EXCEPTIONS

3. Melee weapons can be used as long as they are made of soft foam or rubber and inspected by a referee prior to the game.

4. Sound only grenades have a range of 15 feet, if the grenade deploys BBs or another projectile then being hit by the projectile at any range will result in being eliminated.

1. When hit, yell "HIT" and put your hand in the air, then follow the respawn rules put in place for that game. 

2. If within the 10 foot minimum engagement distance with a pistol or rifle, a player can shout "BANG BANG" which will eliminate a player they are aiming at. If you "BANG BANG" a player that is also aiming at you, you both are eliminated.
3. No blindfiring. This is when a player shoots without being able to aim down their weapon's sights.
4. If you hear "BLIND MAN" or "BROKEN ARROW" called on the field, immediately remove your magazine, put your weapon on safe, and apply your barrel bag. Do not move from the position you were in when the call was made, within reason.
5. Never call out another player for not calling their hits or blindfiring. If you believe a player is doing so inform a referee and they will handle the situation. You may call out a player for not following the basic safety guidelines as listed above but nothing else.
6. If eliminated by a knife or melee weapon you must be completely silent with your death.
7. Always listen to and respect the referees.

Failure to follow these rules more than 3 times will result in sitting out of a game, and if done a 5th time you will be kicked off the field for the day.